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Hot Lunch Concert Series

You can catch Gypsy at the Hot Lunch Concert Series, every Thursday 11:30am – 1pm!  The Series runs from May 31st – August 30th.  Listen to some great music, grub on some Wicked wich, and do a little shopping!  What better way to spend your lunch break!?

keep on truckin’

Sometimes you just gotta LOL and roll with it!

About a week ago my husband jet off to London for business. Aside from waking up the next morning missing him, I woke up to Gypsy having graffiti all over her!  I was hurt, angry, confused and felt violated.  These feelings consumed me for about an hour.  Then, because I didn’t want the riff raff to win, I decided to “choose happiness”.  What does that mean? It means I wasn’t going to let the actions of a couple of punks get me down! So I lost a day of construction cleaning up the mess…so what! I dealt with it and now the project is moving forward!

I am more excited and determined than ever to open!


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